HOW WILL I COPE? – Episode 1

KAFAYAH {Ummu Yaseer}

“I’m taking in a second wife.”

These words have been scaling through my head since yesterday he has said that to me, I am still like dreaming!

“Is this what I deserve? After all my dedication! Ya Rabbi, is this a test from You? I hope he is joking” – I take a deep sigh after thorough thinking.

“Ya Allah! I don’t want this! My husband has been my treasure ever since I have married him, I always do everything in my power to please him. But why is he doing this to me Ya Allah!”… Read more


Gazing into an empty space, reminiscing the painful moments, a stream of tears flowing from my eyes.

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How I wish I had listened to Ummy!

How I wish I had listened to Abu Hanifa!

How I wish I had listened to brother Abdullah!

I sob quietly and see no one to comfort me. I’m left alone to bear the pain because I’ve been told not to hurt myself but I never lend my ears to the sounds of caution! How pathetic I am!

“Who is going to sympathise with me?” I yell at the empty sky…

The memory is still as fresh as morning milk.

It was three years ago… Read more

MY HOME! MY CAREER!!! – Episode 1

Sweat dripping profusely from every pore of my skin despite the curtain being folded up and the window being widely open. I remove the pin used to hold my large veil to the hijab, release it to fall to hang on my swivel chair’s backrest. Leaving my neck bare though a well-rolled turbaned-cap is covering my head, I fear one of the uncultured workers might barge in so I stay on the alert. Straightening my back, I concentrate more on the papers I have been sorting as I sometimes look askance at the wall clock.

“I wish I could be through for today before six” I murmur, keeping my whole self on the work.

Startled by the sudden intrusion of… Read more


A Flash Of The Face

“Asalam’alykum.” He greeted

“Wahlykum salam warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu.” She responded with a big smile.

He walked past her after the exchange of greetings. Just a glimpse he caught, he couldn’t stare up at her face because he was so shy and had to obey the law of lower-your-gaze.

“What a beauty!” he silently exclaimed.

She was dark in complexion, wearing a long blue-black qimar covering all her body except her hands and face yet she amused him so much that his heart started to beat faster.

“I wonder if Allah has been sending down the hoors of Jannah down to the earth! Ahuzubillah minna shaitani rajeem, I should leave here before any evil thought could start gathering in my mind.” He thought as he hurried down to the side of the assembly hall… Read more


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