THE SNAIL – LOVER [Episode One]

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As-salaamu’alykum READERS! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting. Jazaakumullah khairan!

Another astounding fictional story from Ummu Abdillah – Maa’sha’Allah! It’s even the first novel she would try narrating in past tense – Allahu Akbar! Let’s see how it goes from your comments please… Happy Reading!
A Flash Of The Face

  “Asalam’alykum.” He greeted
  “Wahlykum salam warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu.” She responded with a big smile.
He walked past her after the exchange of greetings. Just a glimpse he caught, he couldn’t stare up at her face because he was so shy and had to obey the law of lower-your-gaze.
“What a beauty!” he silently exclaimed.
She was dark in complexion, wearing a long blue-black qimar covering all her body except her hands and face yet she amused him so much that his heart started to beat faster.
  “I wonder if Allah has been sending down the hoors of Jannah down to the earth! Ahuzubillah minna shaitani rajeem, I should leave here before any evil thought could start gathering in my mind.” He thought as he hurried down to the side of the assembly hall where he sat on a pavement.
He dipped his hand inside his bag and brought out a book to read as the thought of her radiant face kept popping into his mind. He randomly opened the book and read:
  The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) was telling his uncle Al Abbas the story of Mugheeth and Bareerah, he said ‘O Abbas! Isn’t it amazing how much Mugheeth loves Bareerah and how much Bareerah hates Mugheeth?
  “Why should a girl hates a man that loves her?” He murmured as he sighted an headline in the book; Excess love causes loss of shyness. 
  “How is that?” He murmured again and read further:
  Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam was telling the story of Bareerah (slave girl) and Mugheeth (owner) to his Uncle Al Abbas. Aisha bought the slave girl and freed her. Mugheeth married Bareerah, but she left him. Mugheeth loved her so much and was crying in public for her. She didn’t want to take him back and Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) was fine with this, so Mugheeth spent the rest of his life crying for her. Mugheeth was acting on his own human nature – Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) did not prohibit his action because he saw it was out of Mugheeth’s hands. Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) felt mercy for Mugheeth because of his love for Bareerah.
  “Maa’sha’Allah but very funny and tragic!” He grinned, “how can a man cry over a girl who doesn’t even love him? I’ve only seen that in movies, I don’t know it has happened in real life. Anyway, I pity Mugheeth! Does a woman like Bareerah still exists? I pray I never meet such a woman.” He muttered as he closed the book and reclined his back on the building’s wall.
A flash of her smile intruded his mind again and he smiled brightly.
  “Hey buddy! Are you through surfing” said Taahir as he sat beside him on the pavement.
Taahir was a friend he had met last two weeks when he resumed back for his Higher National Diploma in the polytechnic. Sulaiman was a very quiet, gentle and easy-going young man who didn’t make friend easily but his friendship with Taahir was an exemption. It was a friendship he couldn’t avoid because of Taahir’s outgoing and gregarious quality. Taahir wouldn’t just let him be!
  “I wasn’t surfing” he replied bluntly even though he knew what he meant.
  “I mean you didn’t see any good babe you could get yourself after all the browsing?”
  “I told you I don’t come here for any girl, I just came to look at the population of the new class!” Sulaiman frowned.
  “Okay, heard you. Now, how many are they?”
  “Do you expect me to count them?… But I think they will be up to 150, also they have few girls this time and I can only see two hajia among them”
Taahir bursted into laughter, “I can see you aren’t here for a girl but you noticed the two hajia.”
  “I just happened to observe that… Whi… While watching…” He tried to argue but Taahir wouldn’t stop laughing.
Although he was saying the truth, Taahir caught him because he did see a girl he liked.
  “What book are you reading?” asked Taahir.
He tried to hide the book but Taahir snatched it from him and read the title.
  “Fiqh of love! Wow! Where did you get this? I think Islam doesn’t want us to love…”
He snatched back the book from him, “how can Islam prohibits love when Islam is love itself? Islam encourages love but prohibits zinna, don’t mix things up. You are really naive about Islam”
  “I agree, so you bought this book to prepare for love?” He chuckled
  “I didn’t buy it, Ummy bought it for me. It was a present for heeding to her advice of coming back to the polytechnic at last after three years consecutive trials for Direct Entry”
  “I can see you are a Mama boy… Don’t tell me you never date!”
  “No, I never date.”
  “Jesus Christ of Nazareth!” He exclaimed
  “What is the meaning of that? If I haven’t seen you going to the Masjid I would have thought you are a Christian”
  “Sebi Jesus was a Prophet of Allah and we also believe in him.” Taahir argued.
  “But that is the swearing of the Christians which means you are imitating them and Rasul salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever imitates the Kaafir is one of them!” He explained
  “OK I don’t know, now that I know I won’t say that again…”
Sulaiman cut in, “instead, say Subhanallah or Laa aola walaakuwata ilabillah!”
  “Back to the matter,” Taahir moved closer to him and whispered in his ears, “do you mean you are still a virgin, you haven’t…”
  “Yes.” he nodded.
  “Yeepa! Can you please tell me your real age?”
  “I’m 24.” He confidently replied.
  “And I’m 23, I can’t even count the number girls I’ve dated. Oh boy! Naso Maale dey buy you love books. She want make you blend yourself and thank God you don meet me, I go blend you!”
He smiled, “Maale no buy me those books to do zinna, she just dey prepare me for marriage. She doesn’t support zinna as Islam is against it. She even always tell me that whenever I’m ready for marriage, I should let her know instead of going into zinna. But I’m not ready now.”
  “No wonder! She is the backbone behind your piety. Is she an Eleha?”
  “No but she wears full qimar”
  “I see! You are lucky to have a backbone like her, what concerns my Mum about my waywardness. All she does say is that I shouldn’t impregnate any lady now else my education will stop… But oh boy, you dey miss ooo!”
  “Yes, I’m missing the road to hell”
  “Abeg, leave hell first…” 
A group of four girls walked past where they were sitting, Taahir tapped Sulaiman to gaze at them which he refused and covered his face with his hand. 
  “Ommo…! Ommo…! Ommo…! Poly admitted fine girls this session, look at that girl with pink armless top. She looks like a mermaid. See her back, mehn! I like that shape, extremely figure 8!”
He looked at Suleiman and saw that he was still covering his face. 
  “Aren’t those the two hajia you mentioned?” He tricked
Suleiman uncovered his face to take a look but ended up looking at the four girls. Then quickly, he lowered his gaze.
  “It is true that bad egg corrupts others. I’m going to the class.” Sulaiman stood up.
Taahir pulled him back to sit and held him, “I’m sorry I have forgotten you are a saint. I won’t do that again please let’s stay a little longer.”
  “I will only stay if you promise to lower your gaze.”
  “When I’m not blind, why can I not look at Allah’s beautiful creatures? When I’ve got two functioning eyes in my skull! People pass here a lot, you can’t expect me to be looking down.”
  “That is why you have to, we are sitting by the road and the prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said we should avoid sitting by the road but if we should sit there, then we must give it its rights which are; lowering your gaze, refraining from harming others, returning greeting, and enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil.”
  “Oh boy! I can abide by the others but that lowering your gaze, I don’t think I can.” 
“Then I have to leave…”
Sulaiman abruptly stopped talking and started gazing down. He looked like he was trying to avoid someone. Taahir noticed and curiously looked up, then he saw the two full-qimar sisters coming towards them. 
He giggled and whispered, “are they the ones?”
Sulaiman pulled the tip of his shirt and muttered to him silently, “are they really heading towards here or going elsewhere?”
  “God don catch you today! they are coming towards us.”
Sulaiman kept his gaze down, disturbed, flabbergasted and kept thinking on why they are heading towards him. If they wanted to ask him question, how would he answer them without stuttering…
  “Asalam’alykum!” The girls greeted coherently.
Taahir replied their greetings shortly and placed his right palm on his cheek while he kept his gaze on his friend who stuttered while responding,
  “Wa… Wahlykum salam… Warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu.”
His response almost made him laugh but he kept it in and smiled instead.
  “Please brother…” The other girl in black qimar was trying to ask when a voice called on them from behind.
  “Maymunah, Mutmaheenah we have been waiting for you!”
  “We are sorry for disturbing you brother. We wanted to ask where the electronics laboratory is but we have seen our classmates. Thank you very much, jazaakallah Khairan” said the girl.
They ran off before Sulaiman could return her prayer.
A broad smile appeared on Sulaiman’s cheek as he breathed deeply to relieve himself from the nervousness. His friend burst into more laughter and his smile grew wider…

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