How Will I Cope? – Episode 2

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“Yhaaaaaaawwwwwhhhhhhh… Alhamdulillah!” yawning as I wake from the shot nap.

She is still sleeping soundly on my chest, I always wonder how she is so convenient that way. She once said she admires my big broad chest, I smile to myself remembering how those words sounded in my ears like she was flattering me. Now staring at her face makes me realise how much I have been hurting her since yesterday night, poor cute girl, she has got swollen eyes.

I wish I could just listen to her sorrow and annul my decision on taking in a second wife but it has already been finalised, I have already taken the step and there is no going back. Afterall this is Sunnah! , I am on the right path, I do not see myself doing injustice to her. The decision to quit can only come from me and nobody else, in as much as I fulfil all necessary conditions as Islam permits. Sometimes, while this is going on in my mind, I become chauvinistic, forced to induce the manliness in me, “decisions and responsibilities are my duty as a man. I just have to go where my heart is leading me.” Does this mean destroying her joy and happiness? Help me Allah, I take a deep sigh

“Allaahu Akbaru Allaahu Akbar…” My phone’s prayer alarm rings. I check the time “Subhanallah, it is Maghrib time” I say loudly with surprise, this wakes her.

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“Ma Sha Allah! Alhamdulillah! How long have I been sleeping Habeeby?” She asks as she tries to get up.

“I arrived around 5 and this is almost 7, probably two hours” I reply her as I also get up to prepare for Salat.

“Subhanallah! I haven’t prepared your meal” she exclaims sadly.

“Don’t worry Dear, I’m going to the Masjid right now and I won’t return till after Ishai so you can take your time. Just prepare something simple, you are exhausted already” I say as I leave for Masjid.


On my way from the masjid, I keep thinking of how to comfort her. She is my treasure and the mother of my children. I never want to make her cry but she is too much like a baby and whenever she cries, it hurts me so much. I think it will be easy for her as she has much knowledge of the Deen, but why is it so much difficult for women to accept a co-wife?  I ask myself because I cannot just comprehend.

I have seen and heard of different polygamous houses, while some are peaceful others are always like battlefields. I remember how my Mum threatened my Dad with divorce back then when she heard he wanted to marry another woman. My Dad just had to do her bidding in order to allow peace to reign. He has been known as a gentle and peaceful man in the environment. “I am proud of him,” he has built the reputation over time and kept it. Remembering my Dad, I find myself smiling.

But come to think of it, women just can’t be understood. What is the big deal in just sharing your husband with another woman? Women like to hang around with each other but they never want to share the same husband, why?

While on this thought, I hear some voices; look so much like domestic conflict. I try to ascertain the direction it was coming from. I think it is coming from Abu Summayah’s house, these women are at it again. Ever since almost a year that we moved into this our current house, we have sometimes heard their quarrel but we are never curious about what is going on. All I know is that Abu Summayah and his family live in that house.

Abu Summayah is a man around his golden age. We pray in the same Masjid and we always exchange Salamah. I have always known him as a cool and cheerful man. He even has these heavy beards that I envy. His beards almost reach the size of Sheik Mufti Menk’s and I always admire that because I am not gifted with such a big beard but Alhamdulillah, I also have enough.

“In shaa Allah today, am going to know what those quarrels are all about” I conclude.

Reaching Abu Summayah’s house, I see few women discussing in front of their gate while two other women enter before me probably to douse the tension and get to the root of the quarrel and and settle it once and for all. While entering the compound, I see a lady running towards my direction while another woman is running after her. Some women are also chasing them. All in my direction! I am scared as I stand still not knowing what is going on. Should I catch the lady running towards me or I restrain the woman running after her? While still thinking about what to do,the running lady reaches me and holds my clothe.

She hides behind me pleading “Abu, save me! She wants to kill me!”

The woman chasing her reaches me and while trying to pull her from me, she is saying with rage “Abu, e má dàásíi! She almost killed my daughter and I’m also going to kill her today…” .

The lady is still holding my cloth and that puts me in the middle of the fight. As a man, I try to settle this women’s war but they seem so strong and I also keep struggling till the other women get to us. The women try to hold the woman chasing the lady back but she still persists. While this is going on, another woman runs towards us. She grabs the other woman and they start fighting, they drag each other with their hijabs.

“What a disaster!” I exclaim.

The lady holding me releases my cloth to join the fight. I guess one of the women is her mother. The other women struggle to put an end to this chaos but they cannot.

Now that I’m free from the lady’s grasps, I’m relieved. I stand still for some minutes while watching the fight. I try to do understand what is really happening but still I can’t solve the equation, it is too complex. Then it occurs to me that the first thing is to stop the fight therefore, I decide to get in between the fight. As I move in, I get a blow on my nose. It pains me so much that I think the bones are broken. So, I decide to stay out of the chaos. I check on my wrist watch,

“Subhanallah! This is almost ten, Ummu Yaseer would have been so worried because of my lateness!”

I hurry out of the compound then I catch a glimpse of a man sitting at the balcony of their house; that is Abu Summayah, I conclude! Then I hear a girl crying on the scene.

“Ummy, anti Summayah! Stop fighting” she cries as she tries to get in their middle.

I can’t understand what is really going on, but I know one of the women and the lady is Abu Summayah’s wife and daughter. I remember my wife again, so I leave. On my way, I hear some women discussing the fight.

“I heard Summayah and Maymunah fought and Summayah beat Maymunah to a coma, so it resulted to a dispute between their mothers” says a woman.

“Who is the Maymunah because I only recognize Summayah?” asks the second woman

“Maymunah is the second wife’s only daughter, she even uses Niqab” the first woman replies.

“I thought the niqabee was Abu Summayah’s third wife, I never know she was his daughter. Is the girl married?” Asks the third woman.

“Is it a must she marries before veiling her face?” A woman in Hijab interrupts.

“That is the implication of a polygamous home, there is no way there won’t be war even if it is once in a while” says the first woman

“I pray these women won’t kill each other’s children one day because theirs is too much” says the second woman.

“But this is the first time it involves this Eleha girl because she comes to buy things in my house and I have known her to be a gentle girl” says the woman in Hijab.

As I pass by leaving them behind, I begin to imagine what might have really gone wrong and caused the dispute.  The  dispute is between the wives and their daughters but what could really have caused that?  I feel a bit of uneasiness inside me about the problems associated with a polygamous setting. It is a simple practice but complex to understand.


Reaching home, I can hear the sweet aroma of a delicious food.

“Ummu Yaseer is at it again, that is why she will always be Habeebaty” I smile.

I enter saying Salaam and go straight to the kitchen. She does not notice my arrival as she is so busy with what she is frying. Standing behind her, I glare at her figure. She wears an armless top and a bump short, that reveals her complete figure. I smile at myself admiring my wife as if I am seen her for the first time. She really has this great figure! I admit as Isilently walk near her,

“Habeebaty!” I whisper in her ear,

She is taken with surprise, she takes a deep sigh as she places her hand on her chest “do you want to kill me? You almost scared the daylight out of me” she says.

I give her a big smile, “What shall I help you with?”

“Go and rest, I am already done”

“But I insist, I want to help you in here because I won’t like you to be too tired for me later”, I tease.

She bursts into laughter, “no wonder! Later? I suspect, hnnnnnn…, I’m done with the rice, the omelette and the plantain are also ready, what remains now is the stew, I just have to warm it”

Gently pulling her away from the slab, “OK, I will take care of that, just have a sit and watch me”

Getting the pot of stew from the cupboard, I can sense she is staring at me as she sits behind me. What is she thinking again?  I try guessing but I cannot figure it out.

Suddenly, I feel a back hug, she hugs me tightly that I become confused again. “Olubukola, what is it again? I think you are already getting over it”, I say as I hear her sob.


“Why do you want a second wife, am I no more good enough for you?” She asks as she continues to sob.

“When are the kids coming home, have you called Ummy to confirm?” I ask as I try to change the topic.

In fact, I do not know what to say to her, I do not know how I will further convince her. She understands all the Islamic rulings on this matter, so nothing will  I  say, she  already knows it.  I do not want this to change her because it will never change me and my love for her, What Shall I do?

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